by distributing menstrual products to people that live in refugee camps

Container with sanitary pads on its way to Lesvos!


70 000 diapers, 10 000 sanitary pads and 1000 units of toothpaste are on its way to Lesvos. The diapers and sanitary pads are donated by Libero and Libresse, and the toothpaste is donated by Folktandkräm. THANK YOU!

Attika Human Support has sponsored the freight costs, Human Bridge has handled the logistics and Mensual has facilitated  these wonderful pieces to come together. 

Read more about their important work here:
Attika Human Support  

Human Bridge

"Respect for women in all societies includes respect and responsibility for women’s menstruation. This also ensures female fertility as a foundation of the survival and growth of societies, and creates an equal society - no matter environmental circumstances. I therefore support Mensual’s mission."

Goran Lingman, Professor emeritus Obstetrics and Gynecology, Sweden

workshops and distribution of menstrual products


Dignified and healthy periods are crucial in order to have a functioning life.

Mensual is distributing menstrual products and facilitating workshops on menstrual hygiene and sexual health together with partner organisations on the island; Bashira Centre for Women, Pikpa Camp and One Happy Family. 

You can read about our work in a newsarticle in the  Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan,  listen to a interview on Sveriges Radio, and read about why we think this is important in the Swedish newspaper ETC.

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About us

Who we are


We are a non-profit organisation based in Malmö, Sweden, focused on providing practical and hygienic sanitary products to adolescent girls and women in need. Founded by Sara Holm - midwife, Ulrika Svallingson - human rights lawyer and Pinar Dal - midwife, we are aware of the importance of healthy and dignified periods. 

What we do


Mensual strengthens menstrual hygiene in refugee camps through workshops and distributing sanitary products to identified end-users with the support from donations and other partnerships.