changing the narrative of menstruation


This is how we do it:

1. Swish / transfer your donation (see under Contribute)
2. We travel to the destination 3. We  facilitate workshops on menstrual and hygiene and purchase menstrual products with your donations 4. We distribute the products to persons who needs them.


Menstruation is a natural physiological process that requires proper management. Studies show that many persons who menstruates do not have the means for self-care and do not get the support they need, which hinders their ability to carry on with everyday activities and may also establish a foundation for life-long disempowerment.

Menstrual stigma and health risk do not kill like unsafe abortion, but it blights health and development.
It hinders peoples abilities to carry out every day activities, weakens their self-esteem and conditions poor health-care seeking (Chandra-Mouli and Patel, Reproductive Health, 2017). 

Together with Mensual you can address this issue by providing persons that menstruate with hygienic and functional sanitary products.

Funds and purchases for Lesbos, February 2019

Total funds for Lesbos: 34 034 SEK

The remaining funds, 9 542,68 SEK, will be used for shipping donated sanitary pads from Sweden to Lesbos.

Total purchases for Lesbos: 2 295 euro / 24 492,22 SEK

Saturday 16th, Feb:  sanitary pads, 224 euro

Monday 18th, Feb: sanitary pads, 914 euro

Monday 18th, Feb: sanitary pads, 733 euro

Tuesday 19th, Feb: sanitary pads, 111 euro

Tuesday 19th, Feb: sanitary pads, 313 euro

July: menstrual cups, 250 euro

August: shipment of sanitary pads, 300 euro

Total amount of sanitary pads distributed: 27 324

Monday 18th, Pikpa camp: 2 300 pads

Monday 18th, Bashira Centre: 1 260 pads

Tuesday 19th, Pikpa camp: 9 027 pads
Tuesday 19th, One happy family: 2 209 pads

August, Hope Café Athens: 12  528 pads